Top tips for Christmas party decor

Top tips for Christmas party decor

Stylish table linen
The centre of your restaurant space is the tables. You’ll want to make sure that your tables are dressed to a standard that reflects your establishment. By dressing your tables in stylish linen, you create an easily cleaned, noise cancelling element. Table linen softens, deadens and absorbs sound. This means that your guests will be able to hear one another without raising voices. It also means that your control over festive music levels will be greater and therefore you will have a much better handle on the atmosphere.

Good quality restaurant linen is hugely practical when it comes to resetting tables quickly and hygienically. Linen provides a surface that absorbs spills quickly, prevents damage from glasses that have been knocked over and speeds up the turnaround between guests leaving and a new table being set. Perfect for those Christmas lunch and dinner rushes.

Perfect your decs!
You want to make sure that your Christmas decorations reflect the tone of your hotel or restaurant. Why not get some input from nature? Visit a local park or wood for fresh holly, icy and fir sprigs. (Check that taking foliage is allowed before just helping yourself!) Using the real thing can look very classy and will also have the added benefit of adding some lovely smells to the air of your restaurant!

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