Ways you Can Add a Special Touch to your Hotel Room

Ways you Can Add a Special Touch to your Hotel Room

Sometimes, adding a personal touch to a guests’ room can transform an average stay into a truly unforgettable one. When thinking of ways to give your hotel the competitive edge, adding a special touch to the hotel room could be the perfect solution. This shows that you really value your guests and go the extra mile when it comes to maximising their experience. So what are some of the ways you can add a special touch to the hotel room?

Gifts for an Occasion

One potential way of adding a special touch is considering why your guests are coming to stay. If they are celebrating a special occasion, it might be a good idea to leave a bouquet of flowers or a card to express your appreciation that they have chosen to spend a special moment of their life in your hotel. Even if they are not celebrating an occasion and they are simply visiting for the first time, you could possibly supply a map and provide them with the best sites to see in the area. This can go a long way in building rapport with your customers which will help to build a loyal customer base who want to keep coming back!


Towel Art

Towel art is an effective way to add a fun and entertaining touch to your room. Using the hotel linen to create towel animals such as swans and elephants are simple to create but guarantee to make your guests’ stay memorable. This is much more interesting than having the towels placed neatly on the bed. At Johnson’s Stalbridge Linen Services, we can provide the highest quality hotel linen that will almost certainly enhance the guests’ experience.


Momentos or Leaving Gifts

If your customers are staying away from loved ones, then you could leave something in the room for them to take home. If you have anything unique or exclusive to the location of your hotel, it could be a good idea to give this to your guests. If your hotel is near the seaside for example, perhaps you could leave them with a keyring of the seaside. Other gifts could include fridge magnets, mugs and teddy bears.  Having gifts that reflect your location provides customers with something to remember their holiday by. This all helps to contribute to a friendly brand image.


Johnson’s Stalbridge Linen Services understand how important it is for your guests to leave with the best impression of the hotel so that they keep coming back. We pride ourselves on being the best linen and hotel bedding suppliers. Whether you are looking for bed linen hire or a hotel laundry service, we have got you covered. To discover more, get in touch with our team today!



Published on: March 29, 2022

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