We did it!

We did it!

At Johnsons’s Stalbridge Linen Services, we have built up a reputation through our reliable, innovative service. We achieve this by keeping our customer’s experience as seamless as possible. Our highly trained and experienced staff are committed to providing a level of customer service support that’s second to none. So much so, that we have once again achieved an outstanding result from our Customer Satisfaction Survey, scoring 85.5 out of 100.

Our regular survey allows us to continually assess ourselves, challenging how and what we deliver to bring our customers the very best and most reliable linen services. We are extremely proud of our results because, after all, it’s what our reputation is built on.

“I've been using Johnson's Stalbridge for the last 12/13 years and I've always been satisfied with them, I've had very few issues and the ones I have had have been dealt with quickly.”
Leadership Factor Survey 2016


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