What Does The Perfect Wedding Table Look Like?

What Does The Perfect Wedding Table Look Like?


One of the first things that a couple will pick out is their wedding colour. It may be one of the classics, such as off-white or pastel, or they may choose bolder accents. It will then be used in everything from invitations to table decorations. You can help the couple choose the right wedding colours, or they may already have something in mind. Having a colour scheme is an excellent starting point, as it means you can add some interesting accents to the décor and brighten up the reception room.


Themed weddings are also becoming increasingly popular, although the extent to which the theme is used will depend on the couple. Theming can make it easier to choose table decorations and decide which colours to use, so it's worth sitting down with the couple and deciding what kind of look to go for. Some popular themes include:

•    Decades – i.e. 1920s or 1950s
•    Country garden or floral
•    Hollywood
•    Festival
•    Countries – i.e. a Mexican, American, Italian, or similar theme

If the couple needs a little inspiration, then get them to look around your venue for ideas. The type of hotel you run will often determine a theme. For example, if you throw big marquee weddings and have lots of outdoor space, then anything to do with the countryside is a great theme. If your hotel was built in a certain decade, then this could work as a theme too, and it means you can show off your architectural features.

Tablecloths and napkins

Once you have colours or a theme you can start to lay the foundations of the table. It's easy to hire linens in different colours, and they are a great base for designing a certain look. Linens, rather than paper, will give a luxurious feel and drape nicely over the tables. That's why they're strongly preferred over disposable options, and they have the quality look that couples demand on their special day.

Crockery and cutlery

Unless it's a very formal reception such as a barbecue, proper crockery and cutlery is essential for a wedding breakfast. Most venues have a set of high quality white plates, which look great with either white or coloured linens, and this suits the majority of brides and grooms. However, for vintage themed weddings you can rent retro patterned china to add an interesting touch to your table.


Centrepieces are the focus of a wedding table, and they can really transform the look of a whole room. Some couples bring their own centrepieces, or you could have some in stock to rent out, as this is much more convenient. Some popular centrepieces include:

•    Oversized vases
•    Birdcages
•    Goldfish bowls
•    Wooden crates
•    Rustic buckets

The couple can then choose to add flowers, feathers, coloured stones, or all sorts of decorations to match their theme. Centrepieces are useful as you can display the table numbers on them, and they also make tables look less bare.


Many people like to use candles in their centrepieces for a romantic look, but not all venues allow this. Check your hotel's insurance policy to see if you'll be covered for any potential accidents with candles, and don't be afraid to say no if you feel it'll be unsafe. You could offer couples the options of festoon or fairy lights, or even LED tealights as an alternative. If you are planning weddings that will be in a marquee or outdoors, then candles aren't always practical because of weather considerations, so it's worth looking for alternatives.

Finishing touches

The finishing touches will really make a table special. They could include:

•    Favours – Not all couples will want favours, but they can be a fun way to add theming. Get couples to bring them a few days before the wedding, or offer to add simple favours for an extra cost.
•    Confetti/scattered crystals – For a cheap way to fill in blank spaces on the table, you could add a few gems or confetti. However, remember that your staff will need to vacuum them up at the end of the night.
•    Chair covers – If your hotel's chairs are a bit dated then adding chair covers and bows will perk them up. You can usually charge for hire, as they'll need to be cleaned in-between weddings.

These finishing touches make the difference between a plain but pretty table, and one that's really eye-catching and will be remembered by the couple and their guests.

Sample tables

If you have an open day at your hotel for potential couples to look round, then consider setting up some sample tables. It'll give people an idea of what you can do, and might encourage them to book.

When people get married or have their reception at your hotel, they'll expect a high level of service, and one thing they'll want to look perfect are the tables. When the guests sit down for their meal they should feel they are in luxury surroundings, and by setting the table beautifully you get the in the right mood for a celebration.

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