What Makes a Boutique Hotel Experience?

What Makes a Boutique Hotel Experience?

In accordance with a 2017 study from Expedia, boutique or independent hotels had a much greater overall average daily rate and quicker growth than their branded counterparts. Apart from this, independent hotels have doubled the pace of branded ADRs since the start of 2014, offering these hotels a great deal in the industry.

With this in mind, here in this blog, we will discuss what makes an exceptional boutique hotel experience.

The fundamentals 

So, why are boutique hotels becoming so successful? There are a whole host of reasons for this, ranging from outstanding service to a focus on intricate details. Unlike others, independent hoteliers have a little bit more freedom to create a space they want for their hotels in a distinctive manner, without the restraints of rigid brand guidelines.

A boutique or independent hotel is going to be able to personalize themselves in a way that is unique to their location. When waking up in a boutique hotel, you’ll feel it - there is no other hotel quite like it.

Moreover, it's clear that these hotels have made a dent in the hospitality industry. Chain hotels are very much implementing soft brands to attempt to duplicate boutique hotels under the umbrella of a bigger brand. In these scenarios, owner-operators agree to keep their identities while operating under a greater marque.

A focus on local

Boutique hotels do extremely well when they are tailored to their specific location. Quite often, they can mould their décor and overall interiors to the environment in which they are based. This not only establishes a specific style of accommodation, but it also creates a real sense of identity for the hotel. One thing travellers like about visiting new places is the chance to immerse themselves in a sense of culture in the place they are in.

To establish an ambience that is original to its surroundings, boutique hotels can incorporate products from local retail tenants as well as décor which coincides with this. As well as this, if the space is available, the chance to partner with a local restaurant group can be really useful for a boutique hotel's success. Not only will it increase foot traffic and brand awareness, but it's something that guests will be unable to get at any other hotel in the world.

Personalized service

Guests are often willing to invest more for the experience when they stay in a boutique hotel, which is also a key factor as to why these properties have become really important within the industry. When developing a boutique hotel, it's crucial to hire staff who have a shared vision, who will run the property with an entrepreneurial spirit, and who will construct the personality of the space.

When the right people are on board, the guest service provided is more likely to be exceptional, and the level of service provided at a boutique hotel stands out among its competitors. With the sense of personalized service and exceptional guest experience, it's no wonder lots of guests prefer boutique options to larger hotels.

Attention to detail

Another advantage independent hotels have over chains is that they can individualize their properties because there are no strict brand guidelines to adhere to. It is often the case that inspiration of the hotel will be derived from the community it's based in, as previously mentioned.

This offers hoteliers the chance to build the brand around the property and to understand what will most suitably attract future guests to stay. For instance, you wouldn't put a modern and industrial style hotel in a city dominated by period architecture.

So that a boutique hotel remains competitive, it all comes down to quality as well as details. To set yourself apart on the market, you need to create a product that will make a lasting impression. If you incorporate local art with luxurious amenities, guests will very likely enjoy their stay and return to the hotel. After all, even the smallest of details can play a massive role in differentiating a brand. 

When it comes to spending hard-earned money, consumers are always going to want the best value for their money. And this is something that doesn't always come down to price. Hotels offer guests something intangible. Guests won't leave a hotel with a product, but rather, they leave with a memory.

Boutique hotels execute this best, which is a leading reason why these properties have flourished recently. By using a localized approach, carrying out an outstanding service and including intricate details, it's no wonder why boutique hotels are really thriving.

Create comfort in the hotel

Comfort And quality are key in the design of all boutique, lifestyle and upscale hotels.  Everything from having crisp, white bed linen to fluffy bathroom towels will play a part in ensuring a luxurious and comfortable hotel experience.  Having a reliable hotel linen service is key for achieving this.

Business guests may face gruelling travel and meeting schedules, giving them very little time to relax and restore their energy levels. Taking this into consideration, it's important that you create a comfortable space.

Holidaymakers will also be seeking some much-needed rest and relaxation. Even if they are busy exploring the local area they want to recuperate once they return to the hotel.

The overall design

While there is no specific demand that a boutique hotel needs to be both stylish and fashionable, this is often one of their most distinctive characteristics. The level of detail and how they give a lot of importance to design comes from the desire of boutique hotels to be unique. As a way to stand out from the crowd, most boutique hotels employ their knowledge in design and culture to create a distinguished personality for their spaces.

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