What you need to know before you start hosting outdoor events...

What you need to know before you start hosting outdoor events...

Hosting outdoor events can be a great idea for a new form of revenue for your business, plus being involved with outdoor events can be great fun for you and your team! But, before you go about booking in guests, we’ve got some top tips for you.


  • - Is your space suitable?

Is the space big enough? Is it safe? Is the outdoor space up to the standard of the inside of your hotel or restaurant? Even in the height of summer, you’re going to need to plan for all eventualities of weather, is this going to be possible in your space? As well as this, will your car park allow for the extra guests at an outdoor event?


  • - Insurance

It’s important to check that your insurance covers outdoor events. You wouldn’t want to start booking in events only to find that you won’t be covered to host them.


  • - Options for different weather

If you’ve ever planned your own outdoor event, you’ll know this is probably ‘outdoor event planning 101’. Especially in the UK, you simply can’t count on the weather. Make sure that you allow space for options for pouring rain, blazing sunshine, wind, hail… pretty much everything is a possibility. By allocating shaded spots, providing durable rain shelters for guests and having a plan in place for a sudden change in weather no one will be caught out.


  • - Create something special

If you want to start hosting outdoor events regularly at your venue, you want to make sure you offer guests something a bit special so they choose you. It’s a great help to be using a professional linen hire service like Stalbridge Linen. By taking the hassle out of laundering table linen, napkins and staff uniform items, like aprons and chef’s whites, you will have one less thing to worry about on the day of the event.

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