Why considering the environmental impact of your establishment is so important in 2018

Why considering the environmental impact of your establishment is so important in 2018

In 2018, there is simply no reason why your hotel or hospitality establishment cannot make simple yet effective changes to become a “greener” business. With this aside, what other benefits are there to making eco-friendly choices?

1) Fitting in with customer trends

As attitudes towards the environment shift, so do customer expectations. It’s become more and more important for people to choose products and services which align with their own social beliefs, and hospitality businesses are no exception. Presenting your hotel or restaurant as an establishment which cares about its environmental impact can help you appear trustworthy and in tune with public demand.

2) Staying sustainable

Considering the sustainability of any business is fundamental to its longevity and success. Fortunately for hotels, restaurants, and other hospitality establishments, becoming more energy-efficient is very straightforward. Even making simple changes such as opting for Stalbridge Linen’s commercial laundry services can help reduce your business’s water usage dramatically.

3) Reducing your business costs

There are many misconceptions surrounding environmentally-friendly practices and expense. The truth is, becoming more eco-friendly can actually be cost-effective. For instance, asking your guests to reuse their towels instead of having them washed daily could help you save money and reduce your energy output.

We at Stalbridge Linen are dedicated to delivering eco-friendly laundry and linen hire services to our customers, helping hotels, restaurants and other hospitality establishments reduce their environmental impact and meet customer demand. Visit http://www.stalbridge-linen.com/ to find out how we can help your business today.

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