Why Hire Kitchen and Restaurant Linens

Why Hire Kitchen and Restaurant Linens

From creating a brand promise to your clientele that tells them exactly what they can expect from their dining experiences the moment they enter your restaurant, to operating in a more environmentally friendly manner, and reducing your overheads, there are many reasons why our specialist linen hire and laundry services make perfect sense.

Creating a Brand Promise to Your Clientele

Branding is so much more than a logo or a distinctive font which is used to make the name of your restaurant more appealing to your target clientele. It actually defines and encompasses the entirety of your customers’ experiences dining at your establishment and could therefore be the difference between failure and success.

With increases in the numbers of competing restaurants vying for the attention of a finite number of customers, that means your brand has to deliver more than great food and great service. It has to deliver an all-encompassing dining experience that amazes and makes your clientele say to others that ‘this is the place to dine at’.

Although a tablecloth may seem as little more than a cloth that covers a table, or in many cases, hides what lies beneath from the sight of diners, there is actually much more to table linens such as tablecloths and serviettes. So much more in fact.

The visual aspects and features of your restaurant support your brand promise to your customers, though you must of course deliver in other ways, most notably with regard to the food your chefs create and the table service your wait staff provide. In combination, these aspects and features of your restaurant comprise a sensory experience on many levels, and each and every sense – taste, sight, sound, smell and touch – must be represented if customers are to perceive your establishment in the manner in which you intend. This can prove trying, but it is far from impossible.

Table linen provides a sensory experience for the sense of sight, and to a lesser extent touch. There truly is something distinct and inimitable about premium quality tablecloths and serviettes with high thread counts that feel silky smooth to the touch.

For that reason and many more, it is imperative that you consider the consequences of failing to deliver on your brand promise to your clientele by laying the tables at which they dine with anything less than the finest quality table linens. It may not spell disaster for your establishment’s reputation, but it certainly won’t help you attract the clientele you want to attract in the numbers you were hoping for.

Environmental Responsibility and Sustainability

The restaurant sector, like the hotel sector, is somewhat infamous for the resources it consumes, especially water. Just think of how much water is used to launder kitchen and restaurant linens over the course of a day, week, month or year. It adds up to a significant amount of water used and that is a reason in itself to think about the impact of your business operations on the environment.

The issue of sustainability has become increasingly prominent throughout the UK in recent years and many hotels, in particular, have been making a noticeable effort to show their guests that they are concerned about this important, headline making issue that affects us all.

But it isn’t only hoteliers that can play an important role by making their business activities more in-line with sustainable ideals, as each and every restaurateur can also play an important role. Starting by hiring their kitchen and restaurant linens from a specialist linen hire and laundry service provider like Johnsons Stalbridge Linen Services that takes the issue of environmental sustainability seriously.

There are many benefits associated with hiring kitchen and restaurant linen, benefits that can help your restaurant gain a competitive edge over competing restaurants in a number of ways. This is something that you just can’t risk overlooking in a highly competitive sector that has become even more competitive in recent years as restaurants continue to spring up like mushrooms after the rain throughout the UK. And diners find themselves with an increasingly wide and varied selection of dining options to select from.

For more information about our specialist linen hire and laundry services, how they can assist you in meeting your brand promise to your clientele, help your restaurant to operate more sustainably, and more cost effectively, get in touch with Johnsons Stalbridge Linen Services. We’d love to hear from you to discuss how we can help you attract your target clientele and make your restaurant establishment even better.

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