Why using a commercial linen service is not a cost but actually an investment to your business

Why using a commercial linen service is not a cost but actually an investment to your business

There are lots of considerations to be made when choosing whether or not to invest in professional linen. For some businesses, volume will be a deciding factor. Large, busy hotels and restaurants haven’t got the time to service laundry needs and, in city centre hotels, the space a laundry room would take up is better utilised for something that would make the business money rather than just saving a few pounds for linen hire.

Even for smaller businesses, cutting out the hassle and time of in-house laundry will quickly save you labour costs and maximise the quality, look and hygiene of your linen.
Just think, if you or your staff only spend a few minutes each day organising laundry, those minutes soon add up. After a month the few minutes have become hours, and that time could easily be invested into something more worthwhile.

“Within the first month of joining Stalbridge Linen Services, I knew that this was a fantastic move to make. Working with Richard, the Stalbridge Representative, has made dealing with our linen stocks so much easier, and it’s always nice to see a friendly face who is there to help you. Stalbridge have provided not only great products, but also great customer service to me, and I will continue to recommend their services” Heather McNamee, Regional General Manager Scotland, Fraser Suites

At Stalbridge Linen Hire we offer a range of laundry services to hotels, restaurants, kitchens and other hospitality businesses. We also have an extensive linen range allowing your pristine linen to complement the look and feel of your establishment. Find out more - link to http://www.stalbridge-linen.com/

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