Why Your Hotel Needs a Towel and Linen Reuse Programme

Why Your Hotel Needs a Towel and Linen Reuse Programme

There are many reasons to consider implementing a clearly defined towel and linen reuse programme – not least of all the environmental benefits. Implemented across a single hotel, an initiative like this can significantly reduce the amount of water and electricity needed to launder linens and towels on a daily basis. And, of course, there are significant bottom-line savings to be enjoyed as well.


Standard Types of Towel and Linen Reuse Programmes

Here are a few of the main approaches that a hotel can take with regards to changing linens and towels:


  • No real policy is in place. Proactive guests may request that their towels be changed; otherwise, these are changed at check-out.
  • Guests indicate their desire to have their linens or towels changed – usually by leaving towels in the bathtub or on the floor, or by placing a tent or card on the bed.
  • Inform guests that linens will be changed every x-number of days (unless they specifically request otherwise).
  • Supply guests with a card to hang outside of their guestroom door when they would like to have their linens and towels changed.


Hotel Guests Feel Better When They Make Sustainable Decisions

It’s worth noting that towel- and linen-exchange programmes in hotels are almost always framed as being part of a sustainability initiative. By choosing to use their towels for a day or two longer, guests are doing their part to ensure a greener tomorrow – even if it means accepting a (technically) lower level of service from the hotel.


CNN cited a study conducted in North America, which found that around 90 per cent of hotel guests were offered to chance to somehow participate in the hotel’s sustainability efforts. This would include guests voluntarily putting off having their linens changed or towels exchanged.


But the core takeaway from this survey was that guests who participated in green initiatives like this reported higher levels of overall satisfaction with their stay. Of course, that swings both ways: guests who didn’t participate in voluntary sustainability initiatives reported lower levels of satisfaction.


In any event, it’s certainly interesting to note how providing your guests with the means of making a more environmentally conscious decision can actually serve to enhance their overall experience. In that regard, it makes sense for hotels to provide their guests with more options in this regard.


We Can Accommodate Your Linen and Towel Reuse Programme

Stalbridge Linen Services provide highly flexible service offerings that can easily be adjusted to suit your operational needs. If you’re thinking of implementing a new linen and towel exchange programme and aren’t sure about how it will affect your weekly stock levels, feel free to get in touch with us. We’ll work with you to adjust your plan accordingly and ensure that you have the right plan in place.

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