Our Commitment

Our Commitment

Investing in our environment without compromise

In recent years we have replaced much of our processing machinery, investing in equipment that is more cost effective to run, using significantly less energy, time and water.

Our washing machines are using less fresh mains water and also recycle rinse water, which takes less time to heat up. They are geared to ensure we wash at the optimum temperature to achieve maximum output.

In the drying process, infra-red heat detection is fitted in the tumble driers so that washed items are conditioned perfectly and the driers are not running unnecessarily, keeping energy use low and our products in first class condition.
Steam ironers that rely on a separate boiler system have been replaced with gas heated ironers that heat up in a fraction of the time.

So far we've...

  • Reduced MPG and C02 Emissions

    Reduced MPG and C02 Emissions

    by overhauling our vehicle fleet and delivery routes, and training better driving techniques

  • Dramatically reduced waste

    Dramatically reduced waste

    by implementing a recycling programme

  • Invested substantially

    Invested substantially

    in energy efficient machines and techniques

Which has reduced...

  • Reduced energy and water graph
  • Reduced energy and water key


  • All our detergents are readily biodegradable

All our detergents are readily biodegradable

Energy saving

Through investment in new machinery and working more sustainably, Johnsons Stalbridge Linen Services have reduced annual energy use by 22,285KWH, enough energy to run 3,978 homes for a year.

  • Energy saving
  • Enough energy to run 2,152 homes for a year

Water savings

From working pro-actively with Christeyns to manage water consumption without reducing wash quality, Johnson Stalbridge Linen Services have managed to SAVE across their combined plants:

  • 3,000,000 litres per week, saving of 3000 cubic meters of water per week
  • or
  • One olympic sized swimming pool every week

Energy savings

  • Washing temperature has reduced by 27%
  • Water is recycled so our water use has reduced by 50% per wash
  • Utility use has reduced by 69.5%

And finally...

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