10 Hotel Decoration Ideas that Create a Relaxing Atmosphere

10 Hotel Decoration Ideas that Create a Relaxing Atmosphere

Guests staying in hotels are looking for luxury and comfort so they can enjoy a well deserved break. In order to create a space that all your guests will love, it’s important to prioritise decor that creates a feeling of relaxation and calmness. You can do this in many ways and guests will be sure to keep returning if they love how the room makes them feel. Making a first impression is extremely important and the first thing your guests will notice is how your rooms look. Before they’ve even tried the bed or shower, they’ll have formed an opinion on the aesthetic of the room - so make sure it’s a good one! Here are 10 hotel decoration ideas that create a relaxing atmosphere.

Choose earthy colours

Bright and aggressive colours can make a room look interesting, however, they aren’t the most relaxing. However, neutral tones don’t need to be boring. Warm, earth-toned colors make any space feel inviting and homey, as opting for a nature-inspired paint color can bring instant coziness to a room. Choose from forest greens, ocean blues, sandy beiges, or sea shell crème.


Keeping a simple paint colour makes it easier to tie in with the linens. Fresh white linen makes the bed feel much cleaner and creates a room that feels fresh and open. These will promote a tranquil and peaceful environment where guests can get a good night's sleep and wake up feeling refreshed. Muted Earthy tones naturally work well together, and various shades and hues can be mixed to create a sophisticated palette. You can even add splashes of colour throughout the room with deep reds or greens by adding pillows, artwork, blankets or extra furniture.


Choose natural textiles

Natural materials add a soothing touch to the room and team up perfectly with earthy colours. Studies show that guests value a good night’s sleep and comfort as the most important parts of their hotel experience. That’s why it’s important to invest in good quality bed linen and towels to ensure optimal comfort. Opt for cotton linens, wool rugs and woven baskets.


Not only are these materials more relaxing, they also provide a much more luxurious feel that customers will love. This will be sure to drive up the five star reviews rather than guests feeling cheated by poor quality material that is uncomfortable. Materials like cotton are soft and gentle on the skin, while still being affordable.


Make use of mirrors

Mirrors are great at opening up the space, making a room feel bigger and creating more light. You don’t need to just have one mirror in the bathroom, they’re a great addition to other areas of the room, hanging on the wall or even as a part of the furniture. You can buy mirrored furniture which is a modern way to add style, luxury and a sense of extra space in a room. Don’t go overboard, however, as too many mirrors will feel overwhelming. Two or three mirrors will be the perfect amount to add dimension to the space.


Also remember the rule of Feng Shui and avoid hanging mirrors behind or facing the bed as they are said to drain energy.


Keep ornaments to a minimum

Too many cluttered items are going to be overwhelming, distracting and take away from the tranquility of a simple room. If you fill a hotel with too many small decor items, it will fill up an open space and make the room feel smaller. When guests take a trip to a hotel, they’re trying to get away from the stress and clutter they already have at home and would much rather stay in a room that is clean and fresh.


It’s also important to consider that the more items you put in a room, the higher the inventory, and raises the risk of more expensive damages. A few small items of decor is great and can help you add a splash of colour to the room.


Use white bedding

White bedding implies a clean and fresh environment that guests will love. A lot of people enjoy visiting hotels because of the luxurious bedding. Pure white helps add to a feeling of serenity that helps calm the guest. Linen hire services can provide you with pristine bedding that looks great.


You don’t have to worry about stains either, because they’ll be able to clean any discoloration out of the bedding and deliver fresh clean sets to you, wherever you are in the UK. Using these services saves you money and ensures your guests have only the very best bedding to fall asleep in. White bedding also helps the room look light and airy and reflects light.


Add lighting

Lighting is ideal for creating a serene and cosy escape and you can utilise it in so many different ways. Rather than just opting for an overhead light, try to use plenty of smaller lights that can add to the ambience of the space. Bedside lights are essential and create the perfect space for a guest to settle down with a good book and read even when it’s dark out.


Even with all of the above aspects tied together in a room, the finishing touch may just be lighting. The right lighting can also mean the difference between making a room look cheap or expensive.


Use fresh cut florals

Flowers not only make a room look great, they make it smell great too. Your guests will love the added touch of a floral arrangement and it will make them feel special and welcomed.  Flowers are a great addition to a lobby and you’re sure to find them in every 5-star hotel. Try adding monochromatic colours like white roses so they don’t take away from any of the other decor and add a small taste of the outdoors without being too overpowering. They’re a chic addition to a bedside table or any lounging areas!


Layer windows with blackout curtains

An important part of a good night’s sleep is ensuring the room can be darkened to an appropriate level. Layer blackout curtains with sheer privacy curtains and your guests will be able to control the amount of light during the day and completely close them to ensure a restful night’s sleep. You can hang both sets of curtains on curtain rods to make them easy to slide closed at night time.


Make space for an extra seat

While the hotel bed may be really comfortable, sometimes it’s nice to have more than one space to perch throughout the day. Adding an extra seat into the corner of the room or at a desk will give your guests the option to sit somewhere else and read a book or check their emails. It helps make the room feel more functional rather than just a place to sleep and they will enjoy their stay much more if they can cosy up on a chair after a long day. It’s also much better if they want to order room service so that they don’t have to eat on the bed and potentially leave food stains behind.


Layer up on plenty of pillows

One of the most luxurious parts of a hotel room is the amount of pillows you can get. It’s a great idea to provide different types of pillows because everyone has different preferences. You could even offer a pillow menu that lets guests choose the exact type of pillow they’d like and then have it delivered to their room. Start with European size pillows near the headboard. Next add a set of king or queen sized pillows, and finish with a few small decorative pillows to complete the look. Don’t forget to use crisp white linen pillowcases to really add to the cosiness!


Make your hotel relaxing with Johnsons Stalbridge Linen Hire

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Published on: January 6, 2022

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