4 linen hire essentials for busy commercial kitchens

4 linen hire essentials for busy commercial kitchens

Commercial linen hire can help your kitchen to run smoothly by creating a safer, more hygienic and professional environment. In this blog, we identify 5 linen hire essentials for your busy commercial kitchen.

- Jackets
Chefs’ jackets are a crucial starting point for your kitchen linen. As well as helping staff to look professional, there are many practical benefits of chef jackets that shouldn’t be overlooked. For example, the loose fitting nature of the fabric will help to keep kitchen staff safe from burns.
At Stalbridge Linen, we have a range of chefs’ jackets available. Choose from a range of styles to best suit your specific needs.

- Trousers
The trousers your chefs will be wearing need to be comfortable, functional and smart. They’ll be doing a lot of moving about, so they must be loose fitting but not oversized. They will also need to be durable enough fabric that they can have things spilled on them and be washed, time and time again. Choosing your chefs’ trousers from a linen hire company alleviates the demand for you to wash these items in house, or to rely on your staff washing them.

- Aprons
Aprons work to protect cooks and serving staff from splashes and spills that could soil their uniforms. It also adds an extra layer of protection against scalding liquids. These can be tough to clean with standard laundry facilities. However, with our industry expertise, we are able to ensure your linen is returned to you after each wash, pristine and hygienic.

- Cloths
Cloths are an invaluable resource within a kitchen. They are one of the parts of a restaurant that might work as hard as the staff themselves. To make sure you are looking after your cloths, to save money on unnecessary replacements and to keep your kitchen environment as safe and clean as possible, hire your kitchen cloths from Stalbridge.

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