5 essential qualities of a chefs uniform

5 essential qualities of a chefs uniform

At Stalbridge, we know all about what the ingredients are for quality kitchen uniforms. In this blog we’ve put together our 5 essential qualities for chef’s uniforms.

1 - Be comfortable
Chefs work hard, often for incredibly long shifts. Having uncomfortable clothing is an absolute no no. Not only do your chef whites need to be a soft and comfortable material, they also need to cope with the fluctuating temperature in a commercial kitchen.

2 - Be easy to keep hygienic
Being a chef can be a messy business. Your staff need to have uniforms that are easy to clean to a high standard and not retain any unwanted germs. This will also be largely down to your laundering process, but the quality of fabric you use will have an affect.

3 - Durability
You don’t want your staff with tatty, faded or scruffy uniforms. However, you also want to be able to wash them as often as necessary. This means that all of your quality chef’s whites and kitchen linen will need to be highly durable.

4 - Look professional
Even if you don’t have an open kitchen, you will want your staff to look smart. The traditional chef’s jacket is highly symbolic, tracing its roots to the birth of modern cuisine in the 19th century, when French chefs were carving out a new level of respect for the culinary arts. Chef whites today must keep up this level of professionalism. You will also find that by choosing patterned chefs’ trousers you can conceal stains.

5 - Provide some element of protection
Our quality chef’s trousers and jackets are loose-fitting enough to protect against scalding liquids that would otherwise be held close against the skin.
Aprons work to protect cooks and servers, alike, from splashes and spills that could soil their uniforms. It also adds an extra layer of protection against scalding liquids.

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