A Guide For Your First Steps as a New Hotelier

A Guide For Your First Steps as a New Hotelier

Planning, Research and Location

The planning and research stage is, almost certainly, the most important step in any business. When it comes to opening a hotel, however, it’s even more important. You’ll need to accurately research your target market, figure out how much money you will need to open and look for potential locations. The kind of hotel you will open is likely to depend on the location and the type of people who typically live there.

If you’ve got a location in mind already, do some very specific research on the area, looking at other hotels and the demographic of people who visit the area.

Visualise The Hotel

Now you know the kind of hotel you would like to open, you need to get those ideas from your head into reality. So, consider how many rooms you’re going to have, what the decor will be like, what food you want to serve and any themes you want to explore. These decisions will be based on the findings of your research.


With information on the type of demographics likely to visit your hotel at your fingertips, you can then decide on your price-point. Research the price of hotels in the area you want to open, as well as the type of services they charge for. If you are offering more than them, you can charge a little more. If you think they are overpriced, consider charging less to attract more custom. Try and visit as many hotels in the area to get an accurate picture of what visitors will typically get for their money.

Source High-Quality Bed Linen and Other Necessary Items

Finally, ensure you source high-quality hotel linen, sheets and anything else you require to ensure your customers are comfortable. Investing in good quality products, particularly if your competitors offer a high-quality service, is vital. It also allows you to charge higher prices if the linen and facilities you provide are of the best possible quality.

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