Common Hotel Guest Complaints - and How to Avoid Them!

Running a great hotel relies on impressing your hotel guests. Without happy hotel guests, your reputation will tarnish and your bookings will dwindle. The key to getting this right - and keeping your hotel guests satisfied - is to know exactly what your customers want from a hotel. It also means knowing what potential customers don’t want from a hotel. Here are some common hotel guest complaints to be aware of - and how to avoid them!

The hotel is too noisy

Your guests are here to relax. They’re going to expect quiet rooms that they can settle down to sleep in, and any disruptions throughout the night are sure to leave them frustrated. Although you can’t always avoid noisy hotel guests, you can minimise hotel disruptions by designing sound-proof bedrooms. There are many ways to do this, from laying carpets to fitting doors that close softly.

The hotel beds are uncomfortable

There’s nothing like settling down to sleep in a comfortable and luxurious hotel bed. If your beds aren’t up to scratch, your guests are going to leave feeling disappointed and are unlikely to return. Make sure you invest in top-quality beds, pillows and duvets, and don’t forget to fit your hotel beds with the highest standard of bed linen. If your hotel linen is scratchy or uncomfortable, it’ll spoil the whole experience for your hotel guests.

The hotel isn’t clean

Unfortunately, poor hygiene is something many hotel guests complain about. Your guests are paying for the luxury of staying in your hotel, and if your facilities are anything less than spotless, you’re going to lose custom very quickly. It’s poor service to expect your customers to use unclean facilities, so make sure you prioritise hygiene and cleanliness at all times. 

One common complaint amongst hotel guests is that they’ve been provided with dirty or stained bed linens and bathroom towels. Your beds and bathrooms should be cleaned thoroughly every day, and your bed linens and towels must be washed frequently (and according to industry standards).

The hotel has sub-standard facilities

you want to impress your hotel guests, you need to make sure that your hotel is a home away from home. They should have everything they need to sleep, relax and work comfortably, including strong internet connection, bedroom facilities such as irons and kettles, and a selection of luxury bathroom products.

The hotel staff offer poor customer service

It is not enough to offer good customer service. Your guests should feel valued during their stay, and exceptional customer service is the only way to achieve this. This means training your hotel employees to deal with all queries politely and professionally and making sure you have policies in place to process complaints quickly. Don’t forget to greet everyone with a smile!

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