Everything You Need to Know About Table Linen Hire

Everything You Need to Know About Table Linen Hire

Small details are essential in the creation of a top quality dining experience - read on to learn more about how table linen hire can make a difference.

The restaurant experience depends on a whole range of moving parts, where waiters, chefs and managers need to work as a whole to deliver a top dining experience to every customer. This means that communication between teams is vital to ensure both front of house and behind the scenes areas run smoothly.


In addition to proper organisation of the restaurant, it is also essential to equip the space with appropriate furnishings and accessories. The restaurant interior should be designed for comfort but also to allow the waiting staff to navigate the space with ease. The kitchen area should prioritise practicality and hygiene, with all the appropriate tools for the job.


When deciding on all these factors, it can be easy to overlook minor details. But something small such as table linens can make a big difference to the overall atmosphere of the restaurant.


Read on for an in-depth look at the world of table linens, with a guide to different types, designs and the benefits of table linen hire.

Types Of Table Linen

Table linen is an umbrella name for all the different types of linen accessories you can have in a restaurant. The key purpose of these products is to boost customer comfort and to protect interior furnishings. Commonly seen types include:


Table napkins - These are the definitive pieces of table linen that help to complete a quintessential dining experience. Napkins can be placed alongside cutlery, arranged into various shapes or secured with a napkin ring to create an attractive table display.


Table cloths - The table cloth serves an important role in the restaurant, where it can be used as part of an attractive table layout whilst also having a practical purpose. These cloths protect the table below from hot dishes, scratches and spillages, alongside providing an elevated dining experience.


Table skirting - Also known as a table runner, this additional linen accessory can be used to create an elegant and upmarket restaurant experience. The runner typically wraps around the table, where decorative pleats can protect from spills in addition to making the table look more complete.


Placemats - A placemat distinguishes each individual dining area, where these create a practical resting point for hot dishes as well as completing the look of a decorative table layout. These can vary in shape and size, and are usually chosen to match the wider table linen theme.


These different table linens are typically available in a wide range of fabrics to suit the style and budget of your establishment. Not all “table linens” are made of linen, where some napkins, cloths and placemats can be made from a wide range of cheaper and more stain-resistant fabrics. Polyester and PVC or other plastics are popular wipe-clean choices, whilst genuine linen accessories are ideal for creating a sense of luxury dining.

What Is Table Linen Hire?

For many establishments, genuine linen accessories are still the top choice, where these help to distinguish a restaurant as a top quality destination for food and service. Table linen hire makes it easier for restaurants to obtain these essential table additions without hassle, where dedicated hire companies will deliver a complete range of linens, and then collect used linens regularly to be professionally laundered. These hire contracts can be taken out on a short or long term basis, where restaurants can tailor their hire package to suit the specific needs of their establishment.

Benefits Of Commercial Linen Hire

There are numerous benefits of hiring table linen rather than making an outright purchase. Although personal ownership of table linen items can guarantee you’ll always have the required accessories to hand, there are a number of ways that hiring can actually be more advantageous. Some benefits may include:


Cost - Buying a full range of table linens outright is bound to be expensive, where it can be cheaper to take out a hire contract and only end up with the linens that you really need.


Flexibility - If you wish to rebrand or upgrade your establishment, it will be costly and inconvenient to purchase a fresh set of linens. Hiring allows you the flexibility to change your style with ease.


Laundry - Linen accessories need to be washed regularly, where this can take up lots of time and resources. Using a hire service means that the washing, ironing and folding process is taken care of on your behalf.


Storage - A full set of table linens can take up lots of space once they have been folded and stacked. Hiring your accessories means that you don’t have to find room to store your freshly washed cloths and napkins, freeing up space for more pressing needs.


Sustainability - Hiring your table linens, which can then be washed and reused, is a more environmentally friendly way to accessorise compared to using disposable linens or individual purchases.

Customising Your Table Linen

Once you have streamlined your restaurant accessory process through linen hire, you can direct your energies towards more creative ends. There are numerous ways to revitalise and embolden your table using linens, where this can help your business to stand out from the crowd and attract new customers. Some methods you could use to rejuvenate your table may include:


A key way in which you can customise your table linen is by adding your company name or logo to individual pieces. This can be permanently embroidered or embossed on napkins, tablecloths and placemats to ensure that diners recognise your brand while they eat. Adding your branding onto small items like this also helps to foster a professional feel across your establishment.


Another key element of your branding is colour, where table linens can be used to emphasise stand-out  colours from company logos or advertising. Additionally, colour can be used to create a desired effect or impression of your establishment. White linens are most commonly used to assert feelings of cleanliness and precision amongst diners, whilst brighter pieces can be chosen to create an upbeat and positive feel.

Seasonal Changes

Hiring your table linens allows you to be flexible, where this could mean adopting seasonal changes with your accessorising. Investing in seasonal table layouts is a great way to keep customers interested throughout the year, where winter or summer redesigns can make your restaurant seem current and exciting. This could consist of lighter coloured napkins in summer, and more ornate or decorative tablecloths over winter.

Napkin Displays

Linen napkins are more than just a practical table accessory, where they can be styled and arranged in a wide variety of ways to create an appealing table design. Fan patterns, pleats and cloth napkin swans can help diners to feel that they are visiting a high quality establishment where attention has been paid to the details. Napkin rings can also be added to further this feel of luxury dining.

How To Choose A Table Linen Company

You will want to find a linen hire company that appeals to your individual needs, where it can be difficult to differentiate between rival services. Some points to consider when making your selection may include:


Price - Is your hire company offering you a cost efficient service that makes hiring worthwhile compared to buying outright?

Sustainability - Does your linen hire service prioritise sustainable and energy efficient processes throughout their work?

Delivery - Will your hire company collect and deliver in your area, and do they guarantee punctual delivery?

Range - Does your linen hire service offer the complete range of linens that you need for your establishment?

Stalbridge Linen Services: Table Linen Hire For Your Establishment

At Stalbridge Linen Services, we’re committed to supplying your business with top quality table linens, where we also administer a comprehensive laundry service. Choose from our extensive array of linen napkins for your restaurant, where our wider product range includes a top selection of chef wear and hotel linen products.


Our delivery and pick-up service is available across the UK, where we’re fully equipped to offer a reliable linen napkin and tablecloth hire service near you. Contact us today to find out more about our delivery areas, or to submit a free quote enquiry.

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