Four Food-Related Businesses That Require Chef’s Wear

Four Food-Related Businesses That Require Chef’s Wear

In a busy hotel kitchen, your team need to be well organised and professional. Although it may not seem very important, investing in high-quality chef’s wear can improve the way your kitchen team works by keeping them comfortable and creating a sense of professionalism. If you’re providing uniforms for other departments don’t forget about your kitchen staff.

Similarly to hotel kitchen staff, in restaurants, your chefs also require appropriate uniforms. If your kitchen area can be seen from the restaurant floor, scruffy uniforms can create the wrong impression for your customers. Keep your staff and customers happy with high-quality uniforms, plus these specially designed jackets are easy to remove in emergency situations.

Do you provide mobile catering services? Instead of turning up to the event in mismatched clothes, hire a pristine uniform and show everyone that you mean business. Whether you’re providing food for a wedding or you’re the chosen vendor for a corporate event, what you’re wearing can say a lot about your team so put your best foot forward to increase your chances of getting hired again.

Mobile stalls
As a mobile food service, you only have a few hours to impress your hosts and customers so your entire set up needs to look professional. Whether you’re going to a festival, fair, pop-up or exhibition, your whole team should have a uniform that matches. Using a hire service means your uniforms will be clean and delivered straight to you so you’re prepared for a long day of cooking.


If you need chef’s wear for you and your team, Stalbridge Linen Services can help. We hold a large stock of uniforms including chef jacket, aprons, polo shirts and more. Having the right uniform will ensure that your kitchen staff are comfortable while cooking and look professional too. With convenient hire options, our flexible services will suit your needs. Get in touch with us today for more details.

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