Four Quick Food Presentation Tips and Tricks

Four Quick Food Presentation Tips and Tricks

Use the right plate

No matter how beautiful your food looks, using the right plate and crockery can instantly take the presentation of your food to the next level. It’s important that the plates you use do not distract people from the dish, so avoid using plates that are overwhelming with colours and patterns. Many chefs choose white dishes to make the colours of vibrant dishes pop, and dark plates to make lighter-coloured foods stand out.

Play around with colour contrasts

If you want to make your food presentation stand out, it’s important to pay attention to the fine details. While the main focus of a meal is the protein, work some more colourful ingredients into your dish to make the food more visually appealing. Foods such as carrots, cauliflower and beans, as well as various fruits, come in a range of vibrant colours and can transform the presentation of your food.

Create height

Height can be used to draw the eye to the focal point of the dish. Creating a tall plate can dramatically enhance the visual appeal of the food and make it more interesting to look at. Taller ingredients can be balanced out by leaning flat, long items against them, such as asparagus spears. Contrasting textures on a plate, such as purees, sauces and crunchy vegetables, can also create a more visually interesting dish.

Use sauces to decorate

When it comes to sauces, don’t just pour a sauce over the dish. Instead, get creative with them. Think of your sauce bottle or spoon as a paintbrush and use the sauce to enhance your plate, lightly drizzling the sauce over main ingredients to ensure that guests get a burst of flavour with every bite. Creating accent dots on one side of the plate can make the dish look more interesting, too.


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