From hand towels to bath mats, why is good quality linen so important in the bathroom?

From hand towels to bath mats, why is good quality linen so important in the bathroom?

This is a big one. There are few things as off-putting as an unpleasant bathroom. As well as organising regular checks for the overall cleanliness of your bathrooms, have a selection of quality linen on rotation so you will be able to keep the hygiene in your bathrooms under your control. By replacing damp bathroom linen such as towels, bath mats and bath robes regularly with clean and fresh options, you can help control the risk of germs being spread through wet or soiled linen.

Nothing beats the feeling of stepping out of the shower in your hotel bathroom and wrapping yourself in a soft, clean, and cosy towel. This experience is topped off by wiggling your toes on a thick, clean bath mat below your feet. Just as you would factor in the comfort of your guests when selecting the bathroom suite, this should also be a consideration with your bath linen.

How do your bathrooms fit in with the overall feel of your hotel or restaurant? If you’re creating a specific feel with your premises then you’ll want to make sure this continues in the bathroom. If you’re going for a formal 5-star feel then you will want immaculate bathrooms with white or single coloured hand towels. If you’re going for something a little more quirky then you might want more colourful and fun bath linen.

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