How important is good linen in improving the quality of your guests' stay?

How important is good linen in improving the quality of your guests' stay?

If you’re currently looking for ways to improve the quality of your guests’ stay, upgrading your existing sheets to sumptuous new linens could be the perfect option. Not only will high quality bed sheets help ensure your guests are comfortable and well rested, they’ll also transform the look of your rooms. Adding style, substance and a real touch of luxury, good quality linen can help make your establishment even better.

Beds matter

According to a 2014 Gallup Survey, more than half of guests at luxury hotels said they would pay more for an improved bed. What's more, all respondents to the survey reported that a comfortable bed was the most important aspect of a hotel stay, topping Wi-Fi, good service and any other aspect of hospitality. This shows just how vital the quality of your bedding is, with today’s guests unlikely to forgive worn sheets, rough pillowcases or tired mattress covers.

First impressions

Most guests know the minute they see a bed if it’s going to be comfortable, with clean, crisp sheets, fluffy duvets and supportive pillows all playing an important part in making a bed irresistible. This initial impression will go a long way to influencing the quality of your guests' stay, with those who are initially impressed with their bed much more likely to rate your hotel favourably.

Getting a good night’s sleep

As well as looking and feeling great, good quality sheets can help to boost the chances of a good nights’ sleep. In the United States, The National Sleep Foundation conducted a survey that showed three-quarters of people slept better when their sheets were comfortable, clean and fresh.

Showing you value the quality of guests’ experiences

Showing your guests that you value their comfort and the quality of their sleep goes a long way towards building good relationships and creating customers for life. Everyone who stays at your hotel will be able to feel the quality of your linen. Most will understand that you’ve invested money and effort into finding the best possible sheets. This will help to boost the quality of guests' overall experience and ensure they have a positive impression of your hotel.

How to find good quality sheets

In order to ensure the quality of your sheets is as high as possible, it’s important to use a supplier with a proven track record and expertise in the industry. If you can trust your linen supplier to provide you with the best quality sheets you can afford, you can be confident that your guests will have a great nights’ sleep every time.

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