How to Create the Best Private Dining Service in Your Restaurant

How to Create the Best Private Dining Service in Your Restaurant

Set your tables well

Your table's settings are very important in creating a good dining experience. As the space where your guests are going to be for the majority of the evening, dirty tablecloths and mismatched serviettes won’t go unnoticed. As a very basic requirement, investing in high-quality linen will create a comfortable and enjoyable place to dine. You could also be a little fancier with your tableware for added luxury.


Keep your staff members well dressed

Private dining is a step up from regular dining and this needs to be reflected in how your staff members interact with guests as well as how they look. Why not swap your regular uniforms for something a little more high end? Private dining is usually run as a butler-style service so these closer interactions between guests and your staff mean all eyes are on you and scruffy uniforms won’t pass!


Upgrade your menu

Private dining is a premium service and with that, diners should be offered premium food. Creating a new menu will get people excited about dining with you so go all out and offer amazing starters, mains and desserts. The menu does not have to be vast, in fact, a small selection of options will appear more exclusive! Your menu reflects you as a business so don’t be tempted to overlook one of the most important features of private dining.



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