Johnsons Stalbridge's Simple Switches to Reduce Environmental Impact

Johnsons Stalbridge's Simple Switches to Reduce Environmental Impact

Here at Johnsons Stalbridge, we are committed to running our laundry locations as efficiently and as sustainably as possible. We have changed our processes and machinery to reduce our environmental impact significantly, without sacrificing the standard of service we deliver to all our customers. Read on for more information about how we are investing in our environment.

Changes We’ve Made

We have reduced our cO2 emissions through a complete overhaul of our delivery routes and vehicle fleet. All our drivers have been given training on better driving techniques to minimise environmental impact. We are committed to reducing the amount of plastic we use and have successfully cut our shrink wrap use by 50%.

We’ve also substantially invested in energy-efficient machinery and techniques. In our machines, all of the detergents we use are biodegradable and with controlled, accurate dosing we ensure only the correct and essential amount is used in every wash.

Curious about how this has all affected our energy and water savings?

Water and Energy Savings

Through investing in new machinery and sustainability practices, we have reduced our annual energy use by 22,000 tons, which is enough to run nearly 4000 homes for a year. We recycle our water to decrease water use by 50% per wash and have reduced washing temperature by 27%.


By working with Christeyns to manage water consumption we have managed to save nearly 3 million litres of water per week,  which is the equivalent of an Olympic sized swimming pool every week! We have managed to do this without compromising on the quality of our washing processes.


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By using Stalbridge Linen Service, you are committing yourself to a company that is working tirelessly to reduce our impact on the environment while still operating to deliver a top-quality service.


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