Making the switch from in-house laundry to commercial linen hire

Making the switch from in-house laundry to commercial linen hire

When your customers are paying premium prices for your services, they should be receiving what they pay for.

When your guests walk into your hotel, B&B or guesthouse room, they want and expect a room in which they can relax, feel comfortable and above all, feel like they are getting what they have paid for. If a guest finds a stain on their bedsheet or a stray hair on a pillowcase, it’s likely to disrupt their whole perception of your business- not to mention cause embarrassment to you if they point it out.


Managing your linen in-house can be tiring, time-consuming and above all, costly. When you switch to out-sourcing your commercial linen hire, you automatically erase all of these unnecessary drawbacks.

Firstly, the risk of stained sheets or table covers becomes a lot less likely because your linen is being taken care of by a professional and experienced company, who are dedicated to quality assuring every batch.
Secondly, there’s also no need to run up costs of laundry machines, employ someone in-house to take care of the loads or train new personnel to spot defects in the laundry. With commercial linen hire, this is all sorted for you in one package.
Additionally, the whole process of outsourcing your linen allows you as a business, to focus on other important aspects, such as customer service or staff motivation.

Making the switch from in-house laundry management to commercial linen hire is a great way to improve the efficiency of your business, streamline your operations and save money.

Have you decided to make the switch?
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