Making Your Commercial Laundry Eco-Friendly

Making Your Commercial Laundry Eco-Friendly

As many businesses and industries make the important switch to eco-friendly systems, thanks to the increase and improvements in green technologies helping to match costs whilst benefiting the environment, the hotel industry is making great changes to commercial laundry services in a bid to become more sustainable. Here, we take a closer look at some of the best ways to make your commercial laundry more eco-friendly, highlighting the potential technologies or innovations that can be used:

Water-Saving Technology

With the use of water in laundry coming at an ever-increasing cost, there’s never been a better time to seek the best in water-saving technologies as a key component in your commercial laundry operation. Many washers are installed with technologies that allow for higher levels of laundry being carried out with significantly less water than standard washers. This will make a huge difference to your running costs and energy bills over time whilst reducing your environmental impact considerably. This, combined with the ability to process large quantities of linen or garments in bulk will only add to your sustainability.


Commercial laundry operations can utilise industry washers with more water-saving technology than a standard domestic washer, typically taking advantage of large continuous batch washers (CBWs) and industrial dryers. It’s believed that CBWs will use up to 60% less water per pound of linen than a conventional washing machine, meaning less energy is used to heat water, reducing the energy consumption dramatically.


Upgrade Your Dryers

In order to reduce energy consumption and costs, commercial dryers must be able to handle large load sizes whilst drying them in the most timely manner possible. Older drying machines are prone to the leaking of hot air, becoming clogged with lint and wasting energy with inefficient drying techniques. In today’s market, modern dryers are designed with a number of features that can have a huge impact on the efficiency of your commercial drying. These include:


  • Fully-insulated cabinets
  • Trans-axial airflow
  • Incoming air preheat system
  • Self-cleaning lint screen


Designed to prevent energy from being wasted when drying laundry, a fully-insulated cabinet will reduce hot air leaks during the dry cycle. This helps to maintain the levels of hot air inside the dryer, preventing the need for extra heating in the process to maintain optimum heat, thus reducing the energy requirement. The self-cleaning lint screen further prevents airflow blockages, allowing for steamy, moisture-rich air to be extracted more readily, cutting drying cycles short saving energy and costs. In addition, industrial dryers typically have sophisticated drum designs that circulate heat better, preventing garments from overheating. This will save significant amounts of energy


Over-Dry Prevention

When considering your energy consumption, it’s not just your washing units that need to be energy efficient, so too, will your dryers. An important factor when operating any commercial laundry process, over-drying can quickly drive up energy costs and consumption, as well as greatly reducing the life expectancy of your linen. Fortunately with improving technologies, over-drying is rapidly being eliminated. With over-dry technology, the dryer will automatically determine the moment your linen is dry, wasting little to no energy compared with a traditional dryer. This will not only increase the productivity of your operations, but it will also benefit the environment, capping your energy consumption and raising your efficiency.


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