What Chef Uniform Can I Hire From Stalbridge Linen?

What Chef Uniform Can I Hire From Stalbridge Linen?

Whether you run a fine dining restaurant or a gastropub, the importance of chef wear and uniform is something that should almost certainly not be overlooked. The appearance of your kitchen staff is just as important as your front of house staff because people associate uniforms with your brand. If you invest in chef wear that exudes professionalism and class, then your customers are likely to extend this to your business as a whole. Not only should your uniform look great, but it should also be practical and hygienic too. So where can you find a chef uniform that doesn’t hold back on appearance and functionality?

At Johnson’s Stalbridge Linen Service, we’re a company that holds strong values when it comes to providing those in the hospitality industry with kitchen linen hire that they can trust. With over eighty years of experience, we know exactly what it takes to give you a helping hand when you need it most.  We fully understand the pressure and responsibility that comes with being a chef, that’s why we provide chef wear that can assist you in your duties and make your job easier.


So what sort of chef uniform can you hire from Johnson’s Stalbridge Linen Service? Find out in this guide!


What Uniform Can You Hire?

At Johnson’s Stalbridge Linen services, we offer a range of chef’s wear for your whole kitchen team. Kitchens can be some of the busiest environments in the hospitality sector and there are a lot of things that go on behind the scenes to ensure that customers are served high-quality food on time.


 So what pieces of uniform should you consider for your kitchen and why is it necessary?


  • Chef Whites - If you try to visualise a chef, it’s very likely that you’ll think of someone with a white chef jacket on. Chef whites are a crucial part of the uniform, as they allow for chefs to stay cool in the kitchen because of its white reflective colour. White cotton also has the ability to be bleached, meaning that even the dirtiest chef whites can be brought back to life. The heavy cotton also helps to insulate the body from the heat.
  • Chef Jackets - A chef’s uniform plays a pivotal role in keeping the chef safe. Chef jackets help to keep burns away from the torso, whilst ensuring that scratches don’t penetrate through the thick fabric. High-quality chef jackets often have a dedicated air ventilation panel which means that the skin is able to easily breathe. At Johnson’s Stalbridge Linen Services, we offer gourmet, black gourmet and executive bragard jackets. Our executive bragard jackets are most suited to those chefs who are customer-facing, as it allows the chef to flip over the dirty side of the jacket to show the clean side. This all goes a long way to demonstrate how clean and spotless you and your kitchen are!
  • Trousers - When it comes to chef wear, the trousers are certainly something that should not be looked past. Chefs should have trousers that they feel comfortable in, allowing them to freely move around the kitchen without feeling restricted. Opting for other pieces of trousers such as jeans or shorts is not only bad for the company image, it’s unsafe too. The potential for cuts, burns and scratches are amplified by choosing to neglect chef trousers.
  • Chef’s Apron - A reliable apron is part of the uniform that can sometimes go under the radar. But, aprons can be essential in any kitchen setting because they protect worker’s from spills and heat. Dangerous appliances and sharp objects are everywhere in a kitchen, so it’s best to mitigate any risks at every opportunity. At Johnson’s Stalbridge Linen Services, our aprons are available in a range of different designs and colours, meaning you’ll be hard-pressed to find something that doesn’t fit your aesthetic!
  • Polo Shirts - Polo shirts are a great option for those who want to dress just a bit smarter, yet provide the same level of comfort. Polo shirts are effective when it comes to wearing clothing under an apron because there is always the danger of having too many layers on and getting overheated! Polo shirts are versatile in the sense that your employees can wear them front of house too because of their smart appearance. Now that more restaurants are starting to incorporate open kitchens, it’s becoming more important than ever to ensure the appearance of your staff is as good as it can be.


Why Invest in Chef Uniform Hire?

Now that we have explored the range of chef wear that Stalbridge Linen Services can offer, it’s also important to consider why you should actually invest in chef uniform hire in the first place.


Here are just a few reasons why investing in chef uniform and kitchen linen hire would be a good move for your business.


Adapt Quickly

It goes without saying that the kitchen environment can fire all sorts of things at you, and you need to expect the unexpected. To be a successful business, you need to be able to adapt and change how you approach things at a moment's notice. For instance, you might decide to update your restaurant’s interior and need some new kitchen linen hire to match the aesthetics. Another example could be that your head chef is leaving and is being replaced, meaning that you have to order a new uniform that fits their size. Purchasing new chef wear can cost you a lot of money when you consider how quickly things can change, therefore opting for a kitchen linen hire will help you to adapt quickly and save you money in the process.


Efficiency is Key

No matter the size of your business, you’ll need to ensure that your kitchen are running as efficiently as possible. One of the best ways that you can go about this is by having an appropriate kitchen uniform. Whether it be white chef jackets or trousers,  hiring a reputable linen hire company means that you can be given peace of mind that your kitchen team are equipped with the best uniform out there.



When you’re running a business, it’s likely that you’ll be looking for a way to maximise your profit at every opportunity. To ensure that you are increasing your profits whilst reducing your expenditure, you need to find a product and service that you can trust and depend on. Hiring linen is more cost-effective than actually buying it because linen companies are able to provide competitively priced packages. At Johnson’s Stalbridge Linen Services, we also provide commercial laundry services, which means that you don’t have to spend even more money on washing machines and laundry detergent in order for your linen to be in the best condition possible.


If you decided to carry out this cleaning yourself, then you can expect to rack up a pretty hefty bill when it comes to water bills. You might even spot that your own washing machine doesn’t have the facilities to actually handle the amount of laundry that needs to be done.


Save Time

As well as saving money, hiring linen can actually help you buy some time too. Hiring chef wear as opposed to buying it is useful because it means that your staff don’t have to be concerned with the washing, cleaning and drying of the linen. This then allows them to focus on other areas of the business such as food preparation, hygiene and other logistical tasks. Furthermore, if your employees are left responsible for sorting out their uniforms, then there is always the risk that they might turn up with inappropriate clothing. As addressed earlier, it is absolutely crucial for your staff to all have a professional uniform. So by considering kitchen linen hire, you can almost guarantee that your staff are conveying a smart brand image.


Hire Commercial Linen at Johnson’s Stalbridge Linen Services


If you’re looking for kitchen linen hire, then look no further than Johnson’s Stalbridge Linen Services. We know how important it is for chefs to be dressed in high-quality chef wear in your restaurant or dining establishment, that’s why we take pride in supplying linen hire that not only looks great but is comfortable and hygienic too. We provide chef uniforms that help to maintain professionalism, whilst also protecting staff from the dangers of the kitchen and keeping them comfortable in a fast-paced kitchen environment. We’re a linen hire company that goes the extra mile to ensure that our clients are supplied with chef-wear that they can be proud of. Whether you’re looking for a white chef jacket or a kitchen apron, we have got you covered. To find out more about the products and services we offer, get in touch with our team today!



Published on: September 7, 2022

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