What Do Hotel Inspectors Look For When Grading Your Hotel?

What Do Hotel Inspectors Look For When Grading Your Hotel?

Grading systems

There are two main hotel grading schemes in the UK, and these are run by the AA and Visit England – with regional variations such as Visit Scotland etc. In addition to getting a star rating, usually from one to five, your accommodation will be categorised, and there are often awards such as AA's Rosette award for outstanding food, or the Visit England gold, silver, or bronze awards for breakfast. There's no legal requirement to be rated, but it can offer big advantages, and will help you to reach out to your target market.


A big part of both rating systems is the cleanliness of the hotel, and that's why so many accommodation providers – from B&Bs to major hotel chains – choose to use Stalbridge Linen Services. It means that their linens are regularly collected and swapped for crisp, perfectly laundered items, which is a big part of cleanliness. This could include:

  • Linen on beds – from duvet covers to comforters
  • Towels – regularly collecting your towels and recycling any that have become shabby
  • Kitchen linens – helping your kitchen get a good rating by providing those little extras from tea towels to uniforms to keep things fresh
  • Staff uniforms – Clean and neat staff uniforms will help you create a great first impression with inspectors

It also helps to have a strict rota for cleaning, no matter how many rooms you have, and most hotels will have their own system to ensure daily cleaning is completed properly and that one off deep cleans take place throughout the year.

Attention to detail

It's the little things that make a hotel stay perfect, and it's important to focus on providing luxury in many different areas. Think about what you enjoy when you go to a hotel, whether it's having crisp cotton sheets, or taking a long soak in the bathtub, and make sure your guests can enjoy this experience for themselves. Just a little investment can make a big improvement, and this can help push up your star rating.

Good food

If you're being rated as a B&B or guest house, then you're usually required to provide breakfast, and perhaps offer the option of an evening meal. Most big hotels will have their own restaurant on site as a source of revenue too, and the food you provide can be an important part of the overall experience.

Ways you could improve in this area could include:

  • Making sure your kitchen is spotlessly clean and organised – i.e. with the correct linens
  • Ensuring kitchen staff wear clean, appropriate uniforms
  • Offering freshly made dishes and local ingredients
  • Catering to your target market and making a suitable menu

In addition to contributing to your star rating, there are prestigious awards such as the AA Rosette which can be awarded to hotels or restaurants that meet a strict set of criteria, and so it's worth putting in the effort in this area.


When you stay at a hotel, whether it's just for a one night stopover or a relaxing holiday, there's one thing that's of utmost importance and that's a good night's sleep. Therefore, comfort is high on any hotel inspector's list, and you need to create a clean, comfortable haven where guests can relax after a long day.

In addition to comfortable beds, having the right pillows and duvets can really make the difference, or you may wish to change to cotton sheets during the summer months. Stalbridge Linen services can help by providing perfectly laundered and pressed sheets, which can make all the difference at night. We can even provide the fluffy, luxurious towels that guests love, giving that comfort factor after a relaxing bath or shower.


From choosing their favourite breakfast dishes, to being able to adjust the temperature in their room; giving guests choices can help boost your rating. Some five star hotels offer pillow menus and give a choice of bedding, or you could provide a choice of still or sparkling water in their room on arrival. Just a few choices can make all the difference when it comes to racking up the points.

Service levels

The level of service you receive at a hotel will often determine whether you have a great experience or not, and could make the all important difference between a two or three star, or a four or five star rating. Therefore, it's important to treat all customers as if they were grading you, going that extra mile in all respects, from cleanliness to a friendly welcome. Good service builds a good reputation, and when staff take pride in their work, the benefits are passed onto customers.

A star rating sets up customer expectations, can bring in more clients, and could help make your marketing easier. That's why it's so important to get the star rating your hotel deserves, and this can often mean working on certain areas to improve them. It's often little changes such as linen that can make a big difference, which is why Stalbridge Linen Services are so popular with accommodation of all sizes. Once those little details are sorted out, you simply have to wait for your inspection, and can feel much more confident about the outcome.

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