What's In A Uniform?

What's In A Uniform?

That's why it's essential for restaurant owners and managers to pay attention to the details - one of which is how the staff themselves look and the uniforms that they wear. The more presentable staff appear, the better impression they are going to make, and the better experience a customer is going to have.

This means that even in the most casual of eateries, the uniforms of hosts, waiting staff, chefs and even kitchen porters should be as fresh and clean as possible. It's also worth noting that when staff feel smart and look professional, they are more likely to take pride in their work and carry out tasks to the absolute best of their ability.

The first step towards getting the uniform right is to make sure you choose the right styles and materials for the job - what's right for front of house, for example, won't necessarily work in the heat of the kitchen.

For chefs in particular, what they wear can really affect the speed at which they operate, how well they physically cope with the demands of a busy kitchen, and also how safe they'll be whilst doing so.

This means that chef uniforms need to be comfortable, heat resistant and able to keep the wearer cool. Trousers should be loose-fitting and made from a breathable material, and in dark colours that can mask stains and spillages. The chef jacket - arguably one of the most important items - should be made from breathable white cotton and feature heat resistant buttons.

For servers and front of house staff, sometimes it's best to keep things simple, perhaps once again in dark colours so that stains acquired during service are less visible. Otherwise, a simple bib or waist apron can help with this problem as it can easily be changed for a fresh one while servers are on the go. They're also useful for holding pens, order notepads and so on.

Whatever you choose to dress your restaurant staff in, we have some great uniform options available at Stalbridge; and our quality laundry service will ensure that they are kept in great condition.

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