3 Things That Restaurant Customers Hate & How to Avoid Them

3 Things That Restaurant Customers Hate & How to Avoid Them

Table linen plays a significant role in setting the right tone at your restaurant. To avoid leaving a bad impression on customers, keep reading.

As a restaurant owner, providing a delightful dining experience is of utmost importance. Beyond serving delectable dishes, creating a comfortable and inviting ambiance is crucial to keep your customers coming back for more. One aspect that plays a significant role in setting the right tone is your choice of table linens. A poorly managed linen setup can leave a lasting negative impression on customers. In this blog post, we will discuss three common issues that restaurant customers hate regarding table linens and provide practical solutions to avoid them.

1. Poor-Quality Tablecloths

Nothing is more unappetizing to customers than sitting at a table adorned with stained and tattered tablecloths. Table linens are meant to enhance the dining experience, not ruin it. However, over time, tablecloths can accumulate stains and show signs of wear and tear, making your restaurant appear uncared for and unprofessional.

Solution: Opt for High-Quality Table Linen Hire

Instead of purchasing table linens outright, consider a reliable table linen hire service. By choosing professional tablecloth hiring, you can ensure that your restaurant always boasts pristine and freshly laundered tablecloths. Reputable linen services maintain a rigorous cleaning process, removing even the toughest stains and replacing worn-out linens regularly, keeping your tables looking immaculate.

2. Insufficient Supply of Linen Napkins

Running out of linen napkins during peak dining hours can be a major inconvenience for restaurant-goers. Diners expect a certain level of service, and having to make do with paper napkins or worse, no napkins at all, can leave them feeling dissatisfied.

Solution: Plan for Adequate Linen Napkin Stock

Avoid this pitfall by working closely with your linen hire service provider to ensure a sufficient supply of linen napkins. Discuss your restaurant's daily footfall and the busiest hours to help them customise a delivery schedule that meets your needs. With a steady supply of fresh linen napkins, your customers will feel cared for and valued, contributing to a positive dining experience.

3. Lack of Variety in Table Linens

A monotonous table setting with the same table linens every day can create a sense of monotony for regular customers. Diners appreciate the effort put into creating a dynamic and captivating dining atmosphere.

Solution: Rotate Your Table Linens

Experiment with different types of table linens to add flair and excitement to your restaurant's décor. A diverse range of tablecloths and linen napkins can bring freshness to your establishment. Partner with a linen service that offers a wide selection of table linens, allowing you to effortlessly rotate them and surprise your guests with a unique experience on each visit.

Elevate Your Dining Experience with Premium Table Linen Hire

Incorporating these solutions into your restaurant's table linen setup can make a significant difference in your customers' dining experience. By opting for high-quality table linen hire from Stalbridge Linen Services, you can provide your patrons with an exceptional dining experience, leaving them delighted and eager to return.


Don't let table linen mishaps tarnish your restaurant's reputation. Embrace the benefits of premium table linens to create an ambiance that keeps customers raving about your establishment. Enhance your restaurant's appeal today with Stalbridge Linen Services' comprehensive range of table linens for hire. Explore our offerings here or contact us to elevate your dining experience to new heights.

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