The Johnsons Way

We are tackling sustainability not because we have to but because it is the right thing to do.

We introduced The Johnsons Way, a framework in how we operate as a business. The pillars within the framework are Our Family, Our World, Our Integrity, and Our Communities.

As part of The Johnsons Way we are proud to say we have implemented the following.

A Responsible Business
A Responsible Business
A Responsible Business

Our Communities

Positive impact as they grow

In 2022 the Johnson Service Group launched The Johnsons Local Communities Initiative. This is a quarterly charity fund where each site across our business will donate £500 per quarter to a community cause or charity chosen by our employees. Recipients so far have included Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance, Yeovil Heartbeat, Nightingale House Hospice Wrexham, BHive Community and many more.

Our Local Communities Initiatives not only benefits the areas we serve but also enhances our employee morale, employee retention, increased employee satisfaction, better public relations, and a stronger connection with the local community.

Our business-community volunteer initiatives often stem from genuine engagement and understanding of local needs around our plants, fostering partnerships rather than just one-off acts of charity. Aligning our goals with the needs of the community make a more sustainable and meaningful impact.

Our employees have volunteered at local foodbanks, painted fences at local schools, carried our gardening at local hospices and we continue to grow these relationships.

A Responsible Business

In 2023
Johnson Service
Group have donated

£150,443 to local good causes

In 2023
volunteered for
a total of

1611 hrs

In 2023
fundraising came
to a total of


A Responsible Business

Our World

Protecting our environment

A Responsible Business


As part of our ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint, we’ve introduced Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) as one of our primary fuel source alongside Electric vehicles into our fleet.

Recognising the urgency of climate action, we have made a strategic decision to embrace cleaner transportation options.

By transitioning a significant portion of our delivery vehicles to electric and HVO models, we aim to contribute positively to our environment while ensuring efficient and reliable service to our customers.

The adoption aligns with our core values of environmental responsibility and innovation. We are dedicated to reducing emissions and minimising our impact on the planet. This initiative represents a crucial step forward in our sustainability journey.

The switch to electric and HVO will not only decrease our carbon emissions but also lead to cleaner communities where we operate. Additionally, this transition showcases our dedication to embracing cutting-edge technology to improve our operations while protecting the environment.

We're excited about the positive impact this transition will have.

Water intensity and waste

We completed the permanent installation of groundbreaking water technology at our Shaftesbury site, building upon a successful pilot project. This innovative system significantly cuts down water consumption and discharge. Teaming up closely with our partner, we've discovered a way to recycle a staggering 95% of water used in our laundry processes.

Beyond conservation, this system cleverly harnesses the energy within used water—its heat—to slash our gas usage. An unexpected bonus: we've found that we can achieve the same high standards of cleanliness using fewer chemicals, resulting in a more environmentally friendly water discharge.

Since implementation, we've consistently maintained a remarkable 70-75% recycling rate for process water at the Shaftesbury site. Encouraged by this success, we have introduced water recycling at our plant in Hayle and we're also gearing up to install a similar system at our new Crawley plant. Furthermore, we're actively exploring opportunities to introduce this game-changing technology across other sites.

A Responsible Business
A Responsible Business

Our Family

Building an engaged & diverse team

The success of every business depends on the ability of its workforce to work together to pursue a common objective. The key that unlocks highly effective teams is a high level of employee engagement so that’s where we focus.

We have a long track record of providing training on technical and business skills to equip people for their roles and responsibilities. With demand for training growing, particularly after the pandemic, we saw an opportunity to improve the way we support the development of our teams and people.

As part of The Johnsons Way, we want to make sure everyone experiences a workplace that welcomes and respects them.

Join the family

A Responsible Business

Our Integrity

Driving sustainability in hospitality

As market leaders we are committed to collaborating with customers and suppliers to create a better industry.

The textile services industry has an extensive supply chain. Working in partnership can spark collaboration and innovation. As part of The Johnsons Way, we deployed initiatives with our customers and suppliers to improve circularity in our industry’s products.

We have collaborated with a retail partner on a pilot project to develop new consumer products in which end-of-life textiles are integrated.

Better Cotton

Better cotton increases 52%



It is always a delight to host volunteers from the Johnsons group to the Big Yellow Bus community Garden Project. They always arrive with such enthusiasm and energy that remains throughout the whole day. To date, collectively they have donated close to 700 hours of volunteering, enabling us to achieve so much more than we might have been able to. They have cleared a quarter acre plot and planted it with potatoes, planted pumpkins, squashes and other vegetables that have since been donated to three local food banks, helping families experiencing financial hardship.

They have also helped with developing the facilities for the wider community to enjoy and recently completed a spectacular water cascade at the head of our sixteen-metre wildlife pond.

I cannot begin to thank both the workforce and their employers The Johnsons group, for their generosity of both time and spirit, which have helped to make this community facility so much more than it already was.

Paul Williams, The Big Yellow Bus Garden Project