Linen Aprons & Chef Jackets: A Complete Guide to Stalbridge’s Kitchen Linen Products

Linen Aprons & Chef Jackets: A Complete Guide to Stalbridge’s Kitchen Linen Products

If you’re looking to hire quality kitchen linen, then read about the range of products offered here at Johnsons Stalbridge Linen and why they’re ideal.

Here at Johnsons Stalbridge Linen, we are experts in all things linen hire, especially when it comes to serving the hospitality industry. One sector in particular that we serve is the culinary industry.

Professionalism is incredibly important in the kitchen and we understand that this extends beyond food preparation, with chefs and waiters requiring quality, hygienic and functional uniforms along with linen accessories to handle all aspects of kitchen processes.

With almost 50 years’ of experience, we have perfected our range of kitchen linen for hire, ensuring we meet the needs of our professional customers. Keep reading to learn more about the products we offer and how they can help your food business thrive.

What Does Our Kitchen Linen Hire Include?

Chef Jackets

We offer two different styles of chef jackets - the Gourmet Jacket and the Executive Oxford Jacket.

Available in white or black with short or long sleeves, our Gourmet Jacket is classic in appearance, featuring press stud buttons . The short sleeve style also features a vented back.

As for the Executive Oxford Jacket, this only comes in white, although is also available with long or short sleeves. The stud button fastenings are removable and it removes a pen pocket on the left arm. There is also the option to choose a fitted or a relaxed style for personal comfort.

Chef jackets have been a staple feature of chef’s uniforms since the mid-19th century, having originally been developed by Marie-Antoine Car?me - a popular French chef back then. Not only does their appearance allow chefs to appear professional and reputable, but they also offer a functional purpose.

Whilst the traditional white design was chosen to signify cleanliness, it now offers further purpose. For example, white better deflects heat than darker colours, helping chefs to stay cooler when working in the busy heat of the kitchen.

As well as this, they also show stains and spillages easily; while this seemingly goes against the presentation of cleanliness, it allows chefs to quickly identify when there are food spills and stains on their jackets, so they can promptly clean these or change into another jacket in order to avoid cross contamination of foods and stop the spread of potentially harmful bacteria.

Chef Trousers

As part of our chefs’ uniform range, we supply standard black Drawstring Trousers. This may seem like an inessential piece of clothing to be made specifically for the use of chefs, however there is a reason as to why chefs don’t simply wear their own trousers from home.

This is because of hygiene. Wearing specially intended chefs’ trousers avoids cross-contamination from everyday clothing being worn in a kitchen setting - something which is even more important for chefs who work in urban areas and take public transport to get to work.

Furthermore, the drawstring waist and breathable materials used allows for optimum comfort, which is essential when working in the kitchen for multiple hours with no break. This also allows for uniformity between all chefs, offering an overall more cohesive and professional appearance.


There are four different styles of apron offered here at Johnson’s Stalbridge Linen - the Butchers Apron, Bib Apron, Waist Apron and Gourmet Apron.

As the name suggests, our Bib Apron (available in black or white) ties around the waist and the neck in a standard bib design, with the Butchers Apron being the same, except with the classic navy and white striped design associated with butchers.

As for our Waist Apron, this simply ties around the waist, providing coverage from the core down to the knees. These offer the convenience of leg protection whilst being quick and easy to take on and off as needed. Wait staff may also wear waist aprons, offering them protection from any accidental hot spillages when carrying food.

Our Gourmet Aprons are available in slate, mocha or olive and are made using the finest materials for optimum quality in appearance and wearability.

Polo Shirts

Available in black or navy, our Polo Shirts are ideal for waitstaff and kitchen assistants. Made from breathable materials, they are comfortable and cool to wear whilst still offering a smart and cohesive appearance amongst all staff members.

Once again, having a specific top to be worn as part of a uniform reduces the chances of contamination in the kitchen from everyday clothes.

These can also be personalised with your business’s logo or any other text of your choice, which we can do for you here at Johnsons Stalbridge Linen thanks to our professional embroidery service.


Just as we understand the importance of uniforms in the kitchen, we also understand the essential role of kitchen cloths, which is why we offer five different types to be used in a kitchen environment.

These are:

  • Kitchen cloths
  • Tea towels
  • Glass cloths
  • Oven cloths
  • Microfibre cloths

Whilst composed of the same quality material, our Kitchen Cloths, Tea Towels and Glass Cloths are each colour coded, so that they are clearly distinguishable and only used for their specific purpose, rather than getting confused with one another and causing potential cross contamination.

For example, our Kitchen Cloths can be used for the general wiping down of surfaces, whereas our Tea Towels can be used for drying clean dishes and the Glass Cloths should be used to dry and polish any glassware.

As for our Oven Cloths, these are made using a thicker material, offering better heat resistance to protect chefs’ hands when taking hot pans and trays out of the oven. Lastly, the Microfibre Cloths are perfect for washing dishes or cleaning up spillages, doing so efficiently - microfibre is incredibly effective at picking up dirt, dust and even bacteria, making it ideal for use in a kitchen setting.

Arrange Your Chef Uniform Hire Today

As you can see, here at Johnsons Stalbridge Linen, we take a comprehensive and considered approach when it comes to the design and selection of our products designed for a kitchen environment.

When you hire your kitchen linen from Johnsons Stalbridge Linen, quality is guaranteed. It doesn’t just stop with our products, either - we also offer a laundry service. Being experts in linen cleaning, you can rest assured that all of your linens will be cleaned, pressed and returned to you in as good as new standard every time.

Get in touch with us today to enquire about the products you’d like to hire and receive your free, no-obligation quote.

Published on: March 19, 2024

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