Buying vs Hiring Linen for Holiday Homes

Buying vs Hiring Linen for Holiday Homes

If you manage a holiday home, whether it’s a quaint log cabin in the forest or a beachside chalet, you’ll know just how important it is to offer an exceptional guest experience. After all, this is what brings in business and encourages guests to visit time and time again.

Part of this is making sure your holiday let is clean, tidy and comfortable, which is why finding the perfect linen for your guest home is so important. Freshly laundered bedsheets and fluffy towels can go a long way in impressing guests and making sure your holiday home receives plenty of positive reviews. However, you may be wondering whether it’s best to buy or hire linen for your holiday let.


There are benefits to both options but it’s important to choose the right one for you. Doing so can help you save money and make life easier for yourself as the manager of a busy holiday home. Below, we’ve listed some of the main advantages of both options to help you decide whether you should buy or hire linen for your guest home - but first, let’s discuss why it’s so important to supply your guests with fine linen.


Why does linen matter?


Making sure your holiday home has everything your guests need for a comfortable stay can enhance their experience and boost your reputation - two things you need for business success! Linen plays a much bigger role in this than you might initially think. Here’s why:


  • High-quality bed linen can help guests enjoy a restful night’s sleep. In the summer, breathable linen will help your guests stay cool through the night. In the winter, soft bedding will make even the coldest nights feel cosy.


  • Great linen can inject luxury into a holiday home. Guests are always excited by places that are more luxurious than the price indicates, and supplying fine linen - including bedsheets and fluffy towels - is a simple and cost-effective way to achieve this.


  • Hygiene is extremely important in shared spaces, such as holiday homes. Your guests won’t be impressed by stained pillowcases, towels or tea towels, so make sure these are washed and replaced between guests.


  • Beautiful linen can help you create a beautiful holiday home! Small touches, such as a gleaming white tablecloth, can enhance the appearance of your guesthouse and impress your guests.


These are just a few reasons why investing in great linen is vitally important for your holiday home, no matter how big or small it is. But the question remains - for best results,  should you buy or hire linen?


Buying vs hiring linen for holiday homes


There are benefits to both buying and hiring linen for holiday homes, including chalets, caravans and luxury glamping tents.  Here are the most important to consider.


Buying linen allows you to opt for creative styles


The main benefit of buying rather than hiring linen is that you have the option to choose whatever style, colour or pattern of linen you would like. If your holiday home has a particularly creative or niche interior, you may want bedding and bathroom linen to match.


After all, there are lots of great styles available to buy, giving you the flexibility to be as creative and bold with your design choices as you like. Perhaps you manage a bohemian-style caravan or a vintage-themed canal boat - either way, buying your linen from a shop that specialises in these designs may be the most suitable option for you.


Linen hire is very flexible


If you’re looking for more traditional styles of bedding, you’ll be pleased to know that many linen hire companies offer plenty of great designs. Additionally, when you hire your linen from a trusted company, you have the flexibility to change the style of linen you’ve chosen according to your requirements.


Whether you’ve recently updated the interior design of your guesthouse or you’d like to upgrade to premium linen, linen hire allows the flexibility you need to adapt. It’s also quick and easy to do so. Instead of having to buy a whole new set of bath and bed linen, you can simply discuss your new requirements with your chosen linen hire company.


Hiring linen is more eco-friendly than buying linen


Sustainable travel has become a hugely popular travel trend in recent years as more and more people look for eco-conscious ways to go on holiday. In fact, many people now look specifically for accommodation types that are managed with sustainability in mind. Finding ways to reduce the carbon footprint of your holiday home can therefore make it more attractive to a whole new demographic of traveller. It’s also the most responsible thing to do.


What does this have to do with linen? Well, hiring your linen and outsourcing your laundry services are two simple yet effective ways to reduce the carbon footprint of your guesthouse. There are two main reasons why.


  • Firstly, you don’t need to replace hired linen as frequently as shop-bought linen. This is because it’s kept in the best possible condition by the trained professionals at your chosen linen hire company.


  • Secondly, linen suppliers use only the most energy-efficient washing and drying equipment possible to reduce their water and gas usage. This makes outsourcing your laundry to a dedicated company much more eco-friendly than washing it yourself or sending it to a local launderette.


So, if you’re a keen environmentalist, you may want to consider hiring the bed and bathroom linen for your holiday let rather than purchasing it from a supplier. Buying new linen means creating more demand for textiles production, which is a big contributing factor to climate change today.


Hiring bedding and bathroom linen is convenient


Managing a holiday home is no simple task. It takes work - especially when it comes to preparing the home for the next guest to arrive. In fact, changeover day is perhaps one of the busiest and most stressful times for people with holiday lets!


One great way to make the process of cleaning and tidying the property quicker and easier is to outsource your laundry to a linen hire company. When you hire linen from a dedicated supplier, they will also take care of the washing and drying process before returning it to you. Not only does this mean your guests have freshly laundered bedsheets and bath towels ready and waiting for them, but it also takes the whole laundry process out of your hands!


With linen hire, you don’t need to worry about fading quality


Another key benefit to hiring linen instead of purchasing it is that you don’t need to worry about the quality fading. This is because your supplier will take steps to ensure that your bed and bathroom linen is kept in the best possible condition.


Pristine linen is something you must prioritise when you manage a holiday home; poor quality bedding with stains or other marks could be enough to make guests leave straight away. Taking care of the laundry yourself won’t ensure quality results, but a trusted linen hire company will have years and years of experience in washing and drying delicate pillowcases, fluffy towels and much more.


Not only that, but when you hire linen from a supplier, you won’t be responsible for its depreciation. You will always receive pristine sheets and towels that look brand new. On the other hand, buying linen means it’s your responsibility to replace it when the colour fades - something that can begin to set you back financially.


Hiring vs buying linen - which is more cost-effective?


When it comes to financial benefits, linen hire takes the crown again. This is because hiring pillowcases, bedding and towels can work out significantly more cost-effective in the long-term. Of course, you may find high-quality linen available to purchase at affordable prices, but you are also then responsible for washing and drying it regularly.


You are also responsible for the costs associated with linen depreciation as it fades and becomes worn over time. When you hire linen, however, you’ll have a set fee that you can incorporate into your budget easily. 


With the freshest possible linen, you’ll also reap the financial benefits of having a hugely popular holiday home. Your overnight guests will want to return again and again and your booking calendar will stay full all year round!


Buying vs hiring linen: Which option is right for you?


With everything considered, it’s clear that hiring linen from a trusted supplier offers a level of convenience, quality and professionalism that just can’t be matched. Buying your own linen may seem like the easiest and most cost-effective way to ensure a comfortable stay for your guests, but there’s no alternative to having your sheets and pillowcases laundered by the professionals. When you hire linen from a trusted company, you can also ensure that you’ve received the highest standard of linen available.


Johnsons Stalbridge Linen Services: High-quality linen for hire for holiday homes and hotels


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