Chef Clothing Essentials For Your New Restaurant Launch

Chef Clothing Essentials For Your New Restaurant Launch

When launching a restaurant venture, focusing on the essentials is a great place to start. let Stalbridge Linen Services provide an insight into clothing.

When launching your new restaurant venture, focusing on the essentials is a great place to start, and there are few areas more crucial than selecting appropriate clothing for your staff. Ensuring you get your brand across correctly, while ensuring safety and a formal appearance, the right attire can really sell your restaurant to new customers checking out your establishment for the first time. As experienced suppliers of chef clothing and kitchen uniform sets, let Stalbridge Linen Services provide an insight into the absolute essentials of chef clothing in 2024, including hats, aprons and more.

Aprons Or Shirts

A key component of the chef uniform is an apron and shirt, protecting the wearer from all manner of hazards and dangers stemming from the kitchen environment. In an ideal scenario, the shirt in question should be comfortable to wear, breathable and unlikely to irritate the skin of the wearer, as it will likely be worn for long shifts. Premium lightweight chef polo shirts can be browsed on our site, with branding options available if necessary. Waist aprons and gourmet aprons are also both available from Stalbridge, and can be ordered in advance, ready for whenever they’re required!

Hats And Headwear

A classy and instantly recognisable mark of the chef, classic chef hats are being phased out for more comfortable and convenient forms of headwear, but this isn’t to say the traditional design is any less popular! The main purpose of a chef hat is to stop hair falling onto any work surfaces or plates nearby, and therefore anyone that comes into contact with any type of food/ drink should take the proper precautions by wearing sufficient headwear.

Chef Jackets

Necessary as a thick outer layer, chef jackets should be capable of covering the wearer and guarding against hot liquids and other common risks within the modern food preparation space.  The original white chef’s coat is standard and considered part of a traditional uniform, though at Stalbridge we can supply variants, including black chef jackets and more. Gourmet jackets feature buttons up to the neck region, offering all-round protection.


Often seen as the least important element of a work outfit, choosing the correct footwear is actually worth considering, especially concerning safety. Chefs need to wear appropriate shoes now more than ever, with black formal footwear advisable - nothing flashy or over the top. Many chefs  prefer to wear clogs over traditional, laced shoes, as there's less chance of tripping. Certainly consider this in a busy and fast-paced kitchen space.


Here at Johnsons Stalbridge Linen Services, we have been providing chef whites and kitchen uniforms for restaurants across the UK since 1975. Our extensive experience providing linen products for restaurants has helped us to develop an excellent reputation, so why not select us for your restaurant? Contact us today for all you need to know.

Published on: March 25, 2024

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