The Benefits of Catering Clothing Hire Rather Than Buying

The Benefits of Catering Clothing Hire Rather Than Buying

If you run a catering business, you’ll know there are a lot of upfront costs that you have to pay when you first start out, or when you want to replace any items or equipment. This can become costly and it's not always an expense we can afford, especially if we haven’t even started making any money. The best way around this is to hire equipment. Linen, in particular, is a cost that can be easily avoided by opting for catering clothing hire as opposed to buying it.

However, some people may be on the fence about this decision because they feel it might make more sense to buy their own linen and then make the money back later on. However, there are a few reasons why it might make more sense for you to hire your linen instead. We’ve put together this blog to explain the benefits of commercial linen hire as opposed to buying it and why you may want to do this instead.

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Saves you money

While you may assume that hiring linen will cost more in the long run, this isn’t always the case. Linen in the catering industry goes through a lot of wear and tear with stains, rips and discolouration being quite common. This means that after a few years, you will have to start replacing your linen anyway. So that big cost at the beginning of your business will have to be paid again. Either that or you have to send it to the dry cleaners to be cleaned and repaired professionally, which can end up being quite expensive.

When you choose to hire your catering linen, you pay a set price for each load of linen you hire, which is much cheaper than buying the linen yourself. The linen hire company will also complete any necessary repairs or stain removal to these items and send you back perfect linens, all part of the rental cost.

More convenient

No longer do you need to spend hours dry cleaning your own linen- the hire company can do it for you! This will save you a lot more time and help you focus on more important aspects of your business. It’s as simple as leaving your uniforms to be collected by the linen company and then dropping off a fresh batch of clean linen. Not only will you always have clean linen to wear, but you will also look great, which is very important when running a business.

Dry cleaning will come as part of your rental contract so you don’t have to wash it yourself or take it to the dry cleaners. This frees up a massive amount of time and cost because you aren't paying a member of staff to clean it for you. You’ll no longer need to worry if your staff are presentable with Johnsons Stalbridge Linen.

You can afford higher quality

When looking at options to buy, you may feel as though you have to pick linen on the cheaper end of the scale, depending on your budget. That’s because it is such a big upfront cost, so we can’t always afford to pay for the quality we really want.

Instead of opting for lower-quality garments that won’t last very long and will need to be replaced within the year, choose to hire your linen. This way you can get your hands on high-quality linen for a fraction of the price. This will make your business look so much more professional and put together as your whole team will be wearing matching uniforms that look great. So whether you’re on a tight budget or just want to make your money go further, kitchen linen hire is probably the best option for you. Take a look at our range here.

More flexible

If you choose to buy your kitchen uniform, you will have to work out how many sets you need. This can be hard because teams are constantly changing, so you may end up with too many or too few. This can mean you end up wasting money on unnecessary uniforms or you don’t have enough and need to place multiple orders.  Instead, opt for kitchen uniform hire. This allows ultimate flexibility and you are able to change your contract whenever you need, to fit your requirements.

So if you increase your staff during busy periods or hire temporary staff for a big job, you can just simply call your linen hire company and ask them to increase your order or change sizes. This allows you to never have to worry about having enough uniforms for the whole team or paying more than you need to.

Able to exchange different sizes of chef wear

Expanding on the point above, you can easily exchange for different sizes depending on the needs of your team. We all come in different sizes and it’s important that everyone is comfy while at work, otherwise, they aren’t able to perform as well as they would like. By choosing to hire your kitchen uniform, you don’t need to worry about having multiple sizes in stock because you can order exactly what you need and change it when new members join the team.

It’s as simple as that and the best way to provide quality clothing for your staff that actually fits them well. Even if you have ordered particular sizes but they don’t fit exactly as you’d like, you can always change them out easily with your linen hire company.

You don’t have to invest in expensive laundry equipment

Commercial laundry equipment can be extremely expensive and it’s not practical for some businesses to invest in this type of equipment. However, it is also very hard to clean a large number of uniforms on a regular basis without them. That’s why it’s much easier to pay a linen hire company to do the dry cleaning for you. It can come as a part of your contract so you don’t even have to worry about doing the laundry yourself. This not only saves you valuable time but also allows you to save money on expensive equipment. Instead, this money can go towards more important investments such as cooking equipment.

Why Choose Johnsons Stalbridge For Your Chef Uniform Hire?

If you’ve decided to hire your chef wear instead of buying it, you may now be wondering where to get it from or which rental company to use. Johnsons Stalbridge is the leading commercial linen hire company in the UK. We offer a fantastic range of kitchen and restaurant linen for a great price. You can choose from a range of colours, sizes and styles to ensure your team looks professional for a fraction of the cost. Here’s why you should choose us for your kitchen linen hire:

  • - We are reliable. We serve hundreds of businesses across the UK with our trusted delivery service, making sure each client gets what they ordered on time. We know how important linen is for your business, so we make sure to not let you down.
  • - We are sustainable. We have a sustainability promise that ensures our process is as environmentally friendly as possible. We do this by using low temperatures and minimal water, while still ensuring our linens come out perfect.
  • - We have a great range of products. Whatever it is you’re looking for, whether linen napkin hire or kitchen linen hire, we offer a fantastic range of items. From coloured napkins to kitchen cloths and dish cloths, you can get it all directly through us.

For more information on the services we provide, or to learn more about kitchen linen hire, get in touch today. A member of our team will be happy to help.

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